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The Sims 3 3DS Review

The Sims 3 for the 3DS is a disappointing port of what was originally a great game. Unlike some other handhelds Sims games this one is free roaming without any direct objectives. So you might ask how did they fit a 10 gig game into a two gig cartridge? The answer cut a hell of a lot out of it.
You start the game by creating a character you'll soon notice that there are few hair style or clothing choices initially available but later on the when you become friends with some of the local townspeople in the game more options will open up but it still gives a bad first  impression. In creating your Sims face would have two options to mess around with the various preset features facial features and messing with sliders like choosing from 10 different noses use the DS camera a picture of yourself and have again converted into a Sim for you. Neither option gives that great of a result with sin is usually looking square or round. It was difficult to assess him with a pointy chin or narrow cheeks. Then after he betrayed seven so you can pick a house to move into giving you have the money to buy it or at lot at this point over and again I would not have enough money to move into two thirds of the lots. When you move in problems will soon start present themselves first you of course buy a fridge, then a bed, a toilet, a shower, a bookcase and a chair. Maybe a TV or alarm as well. This is the first day in your Sims is in a good mode. It's important to set a cookie to your least level 3 so that you don't cause a fire every time you cook something. After this I buy a stove and a fire alarm. And then read the newspaper to find a job. Since maintaining friend is annoying in a Sims game I decide to choose the signs for the since another low friend requirement are normally. So then I go back to bookcase to study the law does logic skill. I get to level III and a nice and stops apparently balanced by two other volumes of the logic book in order to increase this fact sold only in stores in town annoyed I circumvent this by since I should a just chess board instead.  Over the next few days over the problem of having the Bible told volumes of a study book in order to max out the skill would prove to be a re-occurring theme. Soon repeated use in a bad mood for any anything cleaning, my shower breaks. Since I don't have my handiness still raised yet I decide to call repairmen, but upon using my phone I am shocked to discover that I can only call a nether sin or go to town. All delivery services have been removed from the game except for the paper boy. No repair men, no maid, no pizza. These are things that have been saying this since the very first game. So then I used the bookshelf to study the heinous feel and get to level 3 but however I'm still not skilled enough to repair the shower my sin becomes a worse and worse mood because he cannot bath. So finally I give in and buy a new shower. Until that one breaks as well. This process continues with several toilets TVs sinks and radios as well. I'm spending tons of money replacing things that break, but I can't earn more money and is always a bad move when going to work due to everything he's breaking and likewise I can increase my skills because I can't afford or find the needed books in order to improve my skills. It is a paradox. Anyway eventually I save up enough money and repeatedly go to the bookstore in town around 9 PM, check the random inventory, then wait till midnight and check inventory again in the hopes of finding a much-needed book like heinous level II or heinous level III. You would think that level III would cover everything in heinous volume to know if to read all of level II first before you even start to get any benefit from level III. It's ridiculous. Eventually I found attractive Sim and decide the marry her. This was a great idea since now I had double the income and could afford to buy more expensive books I have more free time to clean the house, therefore making my sin in a better mood, and then finally given me more time to study useful skills.
Things are absent from the game you can have a multiperson household when you first moving in.
You can't make gnomes to improve your hideous little or no telescopes are no hot tubs there are no robots no pinball machines although there are emissions the peace pipe new cars no pets.
So basically the strategy is to befriend or marry as many systems as possible until your main Sim has maxed out all skills and befriend everyone in town to unlock their clothing and hairstyle choices then that point is figure out if you wish you can just kick everyone out if you wish and go back down to a manageable number since however there seems to only be three or four cents per household so it's not really that big.
Old problems like a whiny Sims still present themselves. Sometimes comically so like a Sim whining that they're hungry while cooking themselves dinner and then causing a fire. I noticed that it seems as though Sims are invincible as they game it seems as though the fire and starvation will kill and since there aren't any pools lay game they can't drown either. Aging found in seasons two and three has also been removed. As have children or the ability to have children you can however still have woo hoo, the Sims cute word for sex.

Another annoying thing is that Sims seem get stir crazy every three days. This wouldn't  be a problem if a loading to town screen it take so long. and the if there were more than two locations to visit.

The 3-D in the game is also very disappointing usually just causing double vision however if you want to just write you might see a little bit of extra depth.
Ultimately Sims 3 is a bad port. Hardcore Sims fans yearning for a portable version of the game, may want to wait for something better, as casual fans definitely should. It does however provide a adequate bare-bones taste of what it's like to play Sims game, and for that some might find some value in it. But for me it least it is very boring, and just barely fun. So I'm forced to give it 5/10.



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