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Resident Evil 6 Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 Review


Warning this is unproofread temporary version of the review that I posted to test out the links. It may often be incoherent, unorganized and difficult to get through. Read it at your own risk. A fixed final version should be posted by June 10th, 20013, if not sooner. obviously I missed that deadline, but my new target goal is June 20th or soon. When I remove this warning the proofreading will be finished.


There no question that Resident Evil 6 is certainly worse than both Resident Evil 4 and 5, what's debatable is by how much.  anyone who tells you otherwise either has a bad memory or is lying to themselves. The problem is that Resident Evil 6 is a very polarizing love it or hate game, since it has tons of gameplay variety, that unfortunately mostly lacks polish and often just gives you more things to dislike about it. In order to like the game you're going to have to learn to tolerate the constant annoying and obnoxious QTEs, the twitchy camera and controls, poor  collision detection, anti-climatic story, and most importantly dumbing down of the gameplay, through some might argue that it was simply "streamlined". If you can't stomach even only one of these things you could very well hate the game and find it unplayable. This is why I strongly recommend downloading  the demo of the game first and play that for a while to see which camp you fall into before actually buying the game. Alternatively or if you're really interested wait to buy the game when it's so cheap that you won't mind losing money in case you absolutely hate it, like say when it costs $10. Odds are that you're going to hate one of the three main campaigns, almost everyone does. Most people tend to hate Chris's campaign because of the story, and some dislike Jake's since he's a new character, and because his story is seemingly unrelated to the others most of the time. I personally seem to be a oddity at hating Leon's campaign, since it has the most QTE, worse graphics, boss fights, linear levels, and most importantly worst camera and least amount of ammo.

Most people are saying that the game takes 30 hours to complete, which I find to be a gross exaggeration. On my first time through the game on normal, even with getting stuck and dying several times I still only clocked in at 17 hours, the number could be as low as 12 if you know what you're doing. Keep in mind that it took me 17 hours to beat all four campaigns, if you only play through one or two of the campaigns your experience will be much shorter. Each character's story has five chapters and they usually take about an hour to finish a piece, but some are little longer at an hour and a half, and a lot of Ada's are only an hour long.

My number one biggest problem with the game is that it's not really fun to kill enemies, which in turn makes the whole game not feel very fun to play. The AI in the game, though aggressive and often cheep, is too predictable, since most enemies only have one or two attacks and are easy to counter once you know their pattern.  I never get a true sense of danger or accomplishment while playing the game. When I get hit, it's  because my timing was off and  it feels more like I missed a button prompt in a music or dancing game and not the terrifying sight getting mauled by a zombie should be.
Fix and combine

it doesn't feel like I'm actually fighting for my life. The AI patterns are just too scripted and predictable, and need to be much more randomized, especially in movement, pathfinding, and spawn points, then the terrifying sight getting mauled by a zombie should be.

It just gets me at how much they screwed up making it be fun to fight zombies, and look cool to get attacked by them, when it was infinitely better in Dead Rising 1, Dead Rising 2, Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 5 and even Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City,  all of which were made by Capcom, I mean what happened?
were all better when it comes to fighting the undead, and all of which were made by Capcom as well. What happened?

The main culprit for gunplay not being satisfying is that the force and impact of weapons doesn't feel strong enough. Yes occasionally enemies will fly backwards or grab the area of their body that you shot, but it's always the same distance that they fly back and stun animation are the regardless of how close you fire the weapon or what gun your using.

shaky hands sniping is useless why are there so many force sniping sections when it is so poorly implemented?
dismemberment enemies need to show damage to where you are shooting.
ruined grenade one at time, don't work on bosses. go off at weird times. Easily miss. can't fire several consecutively anymore.
Chris's knife has the longest range and is the most accurate weapon in the game. reliable kills.
constant lack of ammo plus bullet sponge and invincible enemies = no fun and constantly being dry.
Worse partner AI then RE5:

The AI of your partner when playing single player is actually worse than in Resident Evil 5, since they rarely kill enemies, constantly block your movement and shots, wander off all the time, and have a pretty blasé fair attitude to reviving you. Unlike Resident Evil 5 your AI partner in single player is actually invincible, however they can still get hit and be knocked down which will often make them less useful during frantic situations where enemies are trying to overwhelm you or boss fights, EI areas in the game were your partner would actually be useful. Also unlike Resident Evil 5 your AI partner no longer has their own inventory, and therefore can't be used to hold excess items, on the plus side however your partner now has infinite ammo to make up for it. However because they no longer have inventory of their own The AI also no longer picks up items on their own and gives them to you, and it won't even refill your health when it revives you from dying. In fact it's only possible for your partner to heal you if you equip the Field medic skill, which is pricey but a valuable resource will likely save you from hours of frustration. Also I have to point out how useless it is for the AI to revive without giving you herb in the middle of a group of enemies, since even being grazed by a bullet or a single scratch will instantly cause permanent death  and you'll have to restart. It would be great if the AI was at least smart enough to use some of  the herbs from my own inventory when it revives me, so that I wouldn't have a 90% chance of dying anyway immediately afterward. It would also be nice maybe the AI had the foresight to drag my body out of harm's way before reviving me or at least clear out some enemies first.

Again unlike Resident Evil 5 the AI is far less likely to participate in a combo melee attack, even after you've started one although they will occasionally melee a regular enemy randomly, but not bosses.
Fix toward the end about boss fights

Ammo conservation and item management are a big part of Resident Evil 6 since you can't carry all that much of anything at the same time, so often I'll get to a part in the campaign, that I know is scripted or would waste a lot of ammo to complete legitimately on my own and just let the AI partner handle it, since they're invincible and have infinite ammo. However it's usually more trouble than it's worth considering that it often takes the AI three times as long to kill a group of enemies then if you had just killed them yourself, since they get hit all the time and are remarkably bad shots. It's also tempting to have the AI take care of boss fights as well, but in addition to the aforementioned problems they also seem to have a affinity for handguns despite also carrying heavy weapons, so it takes them sometimes as long as 40 minutes to an hour to kill boss that should only take 5 to 10 minutes to beat for a human player at most. Say what you will about Sheva's survival instincts, but at least she held her own with a sniper rifle. In Resident Evil 6 you no longer have the luxury using the AI as your own personal pack mule by storing extraneous items their inventory and you can't even decide what weapon your partner uses which was a great feature in 5.

horrendous hit detection that is totally inconsistent.  why have "weak spots" when you can only accidently hit them, and it doesn't seem to speed up the fight or weaken them anymore then firing at the rest of their body.

The melee combat system is broken. You can only attack five or six times, even if you miss before you run out of stamina and are wide open and vulnerable to attacks. This wasn't the case in the demo. weapon determines the speed and strength of the attack.
Knifes and the stun rod take up the slack for melee attacks, but some characters can't use them, they don't work on bosses and you can't hot key or pause the game to switch weapons anymore.

They ruined the inventory system. It's only purpose is to annoy you now. It limits the amount of items you can carry to ten, which seems generous, but you can usually only carry 30 to 60 rounds of any ammo type before it takes up another slot in your inventory, so you might have four slots taken up by machine gun ammo alone while only carrying 160 rounds in total. Grenade launchers are the worst, since every grenade type, explosive nitrogen, incendiary, etc. takes up it's own slot in inventory, leaving almost no room to carry anything else. shoud mention 30 shotgun rounds and such gun 150 I hate it when my inventory is full, and I'm out of shotgun ammo. then find some shotgun ammo on the ground and try to pick it up but my inventory is full, and I can't just use it immediately, it has have to placed in my inventory first. Then I'll try to clear out some space, like from throwing away remote bombs or a grenade which I don't use, but other times it's filled with only ammo and healing items, none of which I want to part with and I'll have to make Sophie's choice about what ammo to carry into the next area, which is hard to do on the first playthrough, since you don't know what's coming next. Sometimes I can consolidate herbs by mixing them together and placing then in the case to save space, but other times the case will be full or I'll have a red herb, and spot a green herb on the ground but can't pick it up since in my inventory is full, which is really infuriating. Why can't I simply drop some ammo on the ground, pick up the green herb, mix it and put it in the case and then finally pick up the ammo again and be on my marry way again? How about letting me sell ammo for skill points so that I at least get some advantage for picking it up in the first place.

The cover system is useless and broken.
Quick shots are good for hitting a single fast moving enemy in front of you, like a boss or a zombie dog and nothing else. since it randomly targets groups of enemies and uses some of your stamina, plus it doesn't work if you have to reload.
linear levels no exploration
can't upgrade or switch guns between characters.
stealth levels
melee attack range, lining it up, zombies grabbing you mid combo.
vehicle levels, good except for Leon.
difficulty settings affect damage to player and enemies.
character comparison gameplay and story wise
I wish that each map in mercenaries allowed you to pick if you wanted to fight zombies or javos, since I only like to fight javos.
There needs to be more maps. three is not enough, even the 3DS game had more.
the enemies need to at least have the option to be randomized, so that they don't appear in the same order every time.
who has the best loadout?
online co op
agent hunt?
melee combos.
knife attacks add to timer, no reason to do finishing moves.
sometimes you get 10 seconds instead of 5?
no instructions. or in game control menu
360 vs ps3 controls
health tablets, too complicated
hidden boss zombies that take five times as much effort to kill, but look the same as normal ones. they also do extra damage.

The game's story lacks good main villain or even a cool one, which is a problem because without a strong antagonist the heroes lack a sense of direction and purpose. The story is also riddled with awful plot holes. Leon is way too forgiving and understanding to both Helana and to a much lesser extent Ada. Helana started the outbreak in Tall Oaks that not only murdered tons of people, but also Leon's BFF President Adam and throughout the whole game he fallows her blindly without any remarks, it's crazy.  How does everyone know that Jake has powers similar to his father Wesker, and how could Jake have them if his father Albert Wesker didn't get them until after he died in Resident Evil 1 which was after Jake was already born. If only Jake is immune to the C Virus then why is one else infected like Leon, especially when he walks directly into areas and clouds of gas that turn people into zombies left and right? At one point it's revealed in a cutscene that Sherry has a Wolverine like healing factor due to being injected with the G Virus, which lets her recover from otherwise fatal injuries in a matter of minutes. Yet Sherry's ability isn't used or has any affect on actual gameplay at all, so why bother mentioning it in the first place? Why couldn't Jake and Sherry escape from the facility in China sooner if it was so simple? Why wait six months, coincidentally just when a new C Virus outbreak occurs? The odds are astronomical. How can unisink travel so far over the world so quickly? Specifically how did he get from China to the Aqua base? Did he call for help, does he have his own handlers or helicopter? Does he swim or is actually able to drive a submarine? It would all be a lot simpler if they just said there was more than one unisink, and that each facility has its own. Also if the unisink is programmed with the task to kidnap Jake so that they can study the C Virus, then why does he frequently kill you after failing certain sections in the single player campaign? Peirs looks way too much like Chris in Resident Evil: Code Veronica, and he is too often insubordinate to Chris, yet Peirs inconsistently begs Chris to rejoin the team and lead them when he has amnesia. Why does Chris get amnesia in the first place for no apparent reason at all. Was it just to put chapter 2 out of order, it makes no sense, and they do nothing with it. Why would Peirs take the C Virus sample at the end of the game? It seems to me that the first thing they would teach you at the BSAA Academy  is to never under any circumstances take or unleash a bioterror weapon, they are always fatal and uncontrollable, it's totally out of character. Why would Leon have hunagin fake both his and Helena's death for no reason and then immediately take air force one, full of cabinet officials and government agents, presumably the very same people he was trying to deceive to china? It's schizophrenic. Ada Wong's motivation makes no sense, why cover up that you were framed for a bioterror outbreak? To make everyone think you actually did it, and add to your "Street Cred" it makes no sense. Who is in charge of the outbreak Carla or Simmons, and what connection does Simmons and Ada have? It's never clearly explained. Who ordered the hit on Carla if it was her own men in the helicopter, do Javo all look the same regardless if they're working for Carla or Simmons? It makes no sense.

Keep in mind that this is just my own personal baseless speculation but I think that originally the game was suppose to be just Chris and Jake, because it would be like the Odd Couple. Chris loves guns, Jake uses his fists. Chris killed Jake's father Wesker so there's a lot of dramatic tension. Then they realized that they needed a hot chick so they added Sherry, but three player co-op doesn't work, so they need a forth character so they were going to add Jill and split the teams into two; Chris and Jill and Jake and Sherry. Then everyone began whining about how they missed zombies and how they wouldn't buy the game if Leon wasn't in it, [No Leon =No Buy] so they had to add Leon and he needed a partner. They originally wanted Chris to die at the end of his storyline, but thought that fans might get upset, so insted they used the very similar character of Piers in his place. Then they thought that a Leon and Jill pairing would be weird, and just give fans even more of  reasons to beg for Claire to be in the game, so they decided to use a new character Helana instead, who has the same voice actress as Jill, probably because they already hired her. This is just my theory though, and I could be totally wrong. I just think that it went down that way because of the story, and how polished certain areas of the game are.

The C virus does seem to be pretty similar to the T-abyss virus in Resident Evil revelations.
Even though getting a headshot to explode is hit or miss, at least there's no penalty for getting a head shot like with plagas mutations in 4 and 5.
crates that don't have anything in them annoy me.
The best skill load out is health refill on revive, increased defense, and more items dropped. increased damage and critical hit are good too.
in mercenaries only use drop more items.
three skill slots in campaign one in mercenaries.
The existence of skills make aiming, and a lot of other things a lot worse because there is a skill to fix it, when it shouldn't be broken in the first place. Weapon upgrades were much better.
noob killer traps, parts of the story that always kill you the first time through, and sudden qtes.
too easy to get lost since environments all look the same.
invisible walls everywhere.
there is no map except for one area.
slow walking during cutscenes.
Ada is naked a lot, all girls seem to have the same body.
tripping over dead or laying down bodies.
getting struck on the terrain while running, which slows you down, or bumping into you partner.
your partner isn't very aggressive, and wonders off  a lot, but can sometimes take a enemy out if given enough time.
they never cover you and rarely fight the same enemy you are, even if it's a boss.

The AI always finishes their current task before trying to revive you, even if you stagger to the base of their feet, they'll finish off the clip they were shooting or complete the melee attack before reviving you, which leads to many deaths, especially from zombies crawling on the ground. If you stay put and don't move at all sometime enemies won't notice you when your downed. This leads to a quandary ; if you move enemies might attack, or you could risk moving out of their range, and possibly be revived sooner by getting closer to your partner. You can also draw your weapon and start shooting but they will then focus on you which could hasten your death or you could be quick enough to kill everything in the room, so you won't have to worry about how long it takes for your partner to revive you. Keep in mind that you also risk getting attacked from behind while shooting enemies from the ground, so it's best to snuck keep moving or hug a wall. It's actually pretty strategic , but it can be really frustrating when after clearing a room full of enemies , only one remains who downs you and your incompetent partner doesn't have the common sense to shoot the zombie approaching you from across the room, and instead slowly strolls over with a laissez-faire attitude for reviving you, and takes too long so you're killed by the attacker and have to restart and do the entire section over again.

 you can't switch weapons when your downed so if you were using a knife, your boned.
sometimes enemies will be infinite of you'll not have enough ammo so it's better to run away.
Invincible enemies and things that trigger cutscenes just waste ammo, but how would you know the first time thru.
chapter length. most should be three parts. why is chapter 3 so long in Chris and 1 and 2 and 4 un Leon. 4 with Jake.
I like the song during Jake's ending.
Skill system needs to be spilt into two tears of usefulness
Max ammo capacity must be raised
no files or investigating objects
Compare campaign

Resident Evil 6 offers four different campaign to play through, each lasting between five to ten hours, depending on how fast you run through them, and how many times you die. Each seems to emphasize a certain gameplay aspect. Leon's is very linear and focus on resource management and has the strongest horror vibe. Chris's campaign is action based there are no puzzles, it's all about shooting and large boss fights. Jake's campaign is all about variety, there is action, shooting, stealth, puzzles, exploration, and some vehicle segments. Ada's is about stealth and puzzles, with her second chapter especially feeling the most like a classic Resident Evil before the series became more of a third person shooter out there the  release of RE4. Your enjoyment of the campaigns depend on what exactly you're looking for in a Resident Evil game.

Leon's campaign is the hardest, has the least ammo, worst weapons and the greatest challenge by facing hordes of a bullet resistant zombies. This makes it the most intense, and therefore scary. But it can also be very discouraging given how ineffective your weapons are at killing even basic zombies who seem to have a knack for grabbing and biting your leg when you're trying to simply stomp on their head to finish them off. Sometimes it feels like there's a cheap hit or death around every corner, and you really have to play through the game once so you know what's coming to avoid them. A frequent nuisance is that every time a zombie grabs you will have to quickly complete a QTE to escape, which gets pretty annoying after the 20th time it happens in the first chapter. In fact Leon's story seems to have the most QTE button mashing or analog stick rotating sequences when compared to the other campaigns. I honestly think that I would have enjoyed Leon's campaign more if I could just carry more ammo at once, his hands weren't so shaky when aiming for a head shots, getting grabbed didn't mean to always having to perform a QTE, [I'd rather just take damage.] and if zombies wouldn't dodge my fire by swaying back and forth like they're Neo in the freaken Matrix. Another problem is how poorly designed some of the boss fights in Leon's campaign are. Some are overly scripted such as chapter 2, others are just glorified QT'Es like chapter 3, and some are just bullet sponges that have way too many forms and take far too long to kill, such as in chapter 4 of 5. Plus Leon's vehicles segments , if you could even call them that are really just super annoying QTEs. At least you can't fail when starting the car chapter 1, but the plane in chapters 4 is ridiculous to the point where it's almost game braking. Leon's campaign peaks very early on at the end of Chapter 1, if you're not having fun at that point, then you should probably stop playing, since it doesn't get better. Chapter 2 has a good atmosphere, but otherwise I hated the rest of his campaign. Chapter 3 just feels like a waste of time, nothing happens in it and it's totally forgettable. I really hate the underwater segment because of the poor movement controls but at least it's not that hard. Chapter 4 is my most hated section of the campaign due to the aforementioned QT'Es seemingly endless bullet sponge boss fight at the end of it. Compared to what he had to deal with earlier chapter 5 isn't that bad, but ammo is certainly in short supply considering how many things you'll have to shoot. Many people complain about the boss, and how monotonous it is, and I have to agree, certainly should've been more interesting, and it just doesn't feel very climactic. As it stands I find Leon's levels way too linear, scripted, and frustrating, regardless of what difficulty I'm playing on to be any fun at all. 4/10

Chris's campaign is a lot easier when compared to Leon's and is much more straightforward in both its goals and difficulty. All forms of Javo are susceptible to head shots, and they always react to them, which means it's easy to stun them by hitting their head and then finish them off with melee attacks. Chris's campaign feels much more like Resident Evil 5 since the Javo behave very similarly to plaga based enemies in that game, and all you do most of time is enter an area, kill everything and move on. Plus Chris's weapons are actually viable and are quick and efficient at killing enemies. Chris's campaign is actually what I expected Resident Evil 6 to be like, kill a lot of stuff, and have fun doing it. After completing the game I realized that Chris's first chapter is mostly forgettable filler, and I always get lost in the art of building since every room looks the same but it's still fun to go town with the knife. The second chapter really should've been the beginning of his game since it's so much better than the first especially considering it takes place earlier chronologically. Maybe because it can be pretty tough at times, like the bridge section for instance . I think that I enjoyed Chris's Chapter 2 more than any other chapter in the entire game, as there are very few really annoying parts which practically every other state has loads of. I also like the boss fights, outdoor environments and combat scenarios. Chapter 3 is probably the low point in Chris's campaign, it has its moments but the main problem is the introduction of the grenade launcher and the bosses that you're expected to defeat while using it. The grenade launcher has limited ammo and a massive amount of slash damage which makes it exceptionally difficult to snipe a moving target with the front cover and not accidentally kill yourself. The solution is to simply have Piers snipe the boss instead, but that's easier said than done when you're playing as Chris in single player and AI Peirs is focusing on Javos instead of what firing rockets at you. I particularly like Chapter  4 in Chris's storyline, with its intense close quarters combat and feels the most like you're a trechman going bunker to bunker in a war, it's really great. I also love the amazing vehicle section that puts Leon's to shame, which is incredibly cool, and surprisingly well polished, although it's less fun if you play as Peirs since he doesn't get to drive. The campaign unfortunately ends week in chapter 5, with several incredibly frustrating areas. First there's the almost completely broken section where you run up stairs. If you run too slow, you die, if your partner goes too far ahead, you die, and if both you and your partner run to slowly you die. So in order to beat the section both you and your partner must run at breakneck pace, while being side-by-side without bumping into each other. It's incredibly difficult and requires an almost perfect run to succeed, and even more frustrating in single player where the AI partner will always dart out ahead and get you killed for falling too far behind. Another problem is the final boss, who for some reason only Peisrs can actually damage, although Chris can stun it. If you understand this fact, in multiplayer it's not so bad , but your first time through in single player can be wondering why you used to literally all of your ammo, it's been over an hour , and the boss still isn't dead yet, because the AI Peirsisn't doing his job. I did enjoy some the smaller skirmishes and conveyor belt room in chapter 5 though, which were decent challenges , and had a interesting premise. and but overall the good outweighed the bad and I enjoyed Chris's storyline more than any of the others. 8/10 if you use the knife or machine gun almost exclusively as Chris, but a 7/10 if you use other less fun weapons or play as Piers.

Jake's campaign is actually very similar to Chris's, as they both share many of the same locations, and both face only Javo enemies. How it differentiates itself is through many different gameplay diversions, which helped keep things interesting, but unfortunately also have inconsistent quality. Most of the time you'll be shooting or meleeing enemies but the action will often be broken up by sections where'll have to move stealthily to avoid enemies detecting you, drive vehicles or explore areas in search of items or switches to progress. Jake's first chapter is very short and is primarily made up of two boss fights, one of which is shared with Chris's campaign, it's not too hard and is fairly entertaining. Everyone seems to universally hate Chapter 2, primarily because of the stealth elements, and I can't say I'm a fan either, however it's not nearly as frustrating or difficult once you know what to do. In the first area ignore the enemies and just run to the keys you need to collect, by focusing on the map I thought that the vehicle section was actually pretty fun, but there is one hard part about half way down the mountain where there is only a very small gap to drive through and not be killed. In the stealth section melee the bugs in the back to kill them silently without alerting your pursuer. I think that Chapter 3 is pretty interesting. it reminds me a lot of Midway's Stranglehold in both its enemies and setting, and I would say that it's the highlight of the campaign. I really like how many enemies there are, and the nicely decorated rooms that feel lived in, plus there's hardly any annoying parts except for the beginning with Sherry and the very end with Jake. Chapter 4 is pretty nice too, and has a good amount of variety. It's too easy to fail at the vehicle section at the beginning of chapter he plays Jake since simply gaising were hitting an object will kill you instantly. The trick is simply driving very slowly because there's no time limit is not a chase sequence, or you could just play as Sherry instead and not have to worry about driving all. There is a boss fight by the dock, where Javos will spawn infinitely, so it's best to avoid them and focus on simply killing the boss quicker. It's easy to get lost in the first area of Chapter 5. After that it's pretty straight forward, but there are some cheap deaths caused by inexperience and not knowing what to do. It feels more like winding down of Chapter 4 in building up to a proper climax. One of  the low points of the campaign is that there aren't too many good boss fights in Jake's story since the unianatk follows you through the whole campaign and you have to fight it multiple times much like the Nemesis in the Resident Evil 3, but unianatk is far less cool and interesting when compared to the Nemesis and it just gets monotonous when you have to fight him again after a while. Overall I enjoyed Jake's campaign slightly less than Chris's, but it was still pretty fun. 7/10, but a 8/10 if you play as Sherry.

Ada Wong's campaign intersects with many of the other character's story, and because of this often feels like a condensed version of those and not wholly original. You'll face many of the same enemies and bosses as well as visiting many of the same areas from the other campaigns. However the first chapter is new and is set on a submarine. The main challenge Ada faces is that she doesn't have a partner, so if you get knocked down they'll be no one to revive you, and because of this you will have to be more careful and use a lot of stealth, especially on your first time through when you won't have much ammo or many weapons. The game feels a lot more intense when you don't have a partner following you around constantly, even if they are incompetent and offer little to no assistance, it's still much more unnerving and cool to think that you're really going at it alone. Stealth requires you to move slowly and then attack enemies from behind, which is hard to do with the game's touchy movement controls that often overreact to input and cause you to run unintentionally. Once you've accidentally alerted enemies, it's often a better idea to just run ahead to next checkpoint, instead of holding your ground since you're likely to get overwhelmed, or at least waste ammo killing all the responding attackers. You'll also encounter a few head scratching puzzles, which often have simple solutions that aren't exactly obvious at first. Initially I was annoyed by the puzzles, but later I realized that their inclusion remind me of the earlier Resident Evil games and that made me nostalgic. It's also strange that there are so few puzzles in other campaigns. Leon has some, I guess you could argue Jake does as well to a certain extent, but there are no puzzles in Chris's campaign, and it just feels like they dumped them all into Ada's story, not that it's a bad thing, I just wish that they spreaded them out a bit more. Because of the stealth aspect much of Ada's campaign isn't too fun to replay since there's really only one way complete areas, unless you have an abundance of ammo and wish to try Ramboing it. Overall I liked a campaign quite a bit more than Leon's, but I kinda hated Leon's story, and I don't think Ada's measures up to Chris's or Jake's campaign, so I feel like I could take or leave Ada's story, and don't find it particularly fun or memorable. 6/10

 Something I noiced about the campaigns is that often your partner won't have to participate in the annoying QTE sections of the story. So you can actually avoid playing some of the worst parts of the game by simply playing as Sherry or Helena in Jake and Leon's campaign. Peirs on the other hand is a bit of a mixed bag and misses out on some of the cooler parts of the campaign, and some could argue that even has a harder time then Chris does his initial weapons aren't very good at close range.

Based on what I observed online and my own personal experience, I'd say that you're bound to dislike at least one of the campaigns, and when I say dislike I mean more than likely hate with a burning passion. The most polarizing issues seem to be scary versus shooting, QTEs, vehicle sections, repetition, and Leon versus Chris fans. For the best experience I recommend playing whatever campaign interests you the most first, and then if you're feeling adventurous attempt some of the others while keeping in mind that no one's forcing you to play through all of the campaigns, and stop if you start hate it.

Leon's Campaign

Leon is guarding the President for a dinner in the college town of Tall Oaks, when he finds himself smack dab in the middle of another zombie outbreak. He decides to reluctantly team up with Helena after she says that she knows something about the incident but wants Leon to fallow her to the cathedral, which is actually pretty faraway where she'll supposedly explain everything. Hunnigan returns from Resident Evil 4 and will frequently give you advice on your mission and updates on what's going on.

Chris's Campaign

Chris's campaign is annoyingly told out of chronological order. Chapter 2 actually takes place before Chapter 1. Chris's BSAA team is investigating bio terrorist activity in the fictional Eastern European country of Eosdoina, when he gets separated from the squad and gains amnesia. Then six months later his partner Piers who weirdly looks like a young version of Chris; circa Resident Evil: Code Veronica tracks Chris down and convinces him to rejoin the organization saying that they need him to lead the team on a new mission in China, even though Chris Cannot remember his name, training, or even what the BSAA is. It's honestly a pretty far-fetched premise, and it mostly takes place during the intro cutscene. I don't really understand Piers, he always calls Chris captain,  and throughout most of the game he seems petulant, insubordinate and downright rude to Chris, yet he's the one who recruited him back into the BSAA. and later on it seems like he actually admires Chris. So why be a jerk to him all the time? It just seems like Piers's characterization is inconsistent to say the least.

Jake's Campaign

Sherry Birkin last seen in Resident Evil 2 is now an adult and is working for the government much like Leon Kennedy. She is sent out to the country of Eosdoina to locate Jake Muller who is the illegitimate love child of the notorious Resident Evil villain Albert Wesker, because Jake's blood and antibodies may be the only way to create a vaccine and antidote to the C Virus, even though that makes no sense. Wasn't Wesker just a normal man until he injects himself with the virus at the end of Resident Evil 1, which gave him the super Wesker speed, strength and durability? Therefore the earliest he could have fathered a child would be in September of 1998, and since the game takes place primarily in June of 2013 wouldn't Jake be 14 years old and not in his early thirties as he appears to look in the game? It's a massive plot hole. Anyway Jake is a mercenary and agrees to go with Sherry as long as the government pays him 10 million for his time. Sherry thinks that Jake is reckless, impulsive, while Jake thinks that Sherry is way too straight laced and by the book, so of course there's a lot of sexual tension between the unusual pairing that is perhaps too telegraphed.

Ada's Campaign

Being a mercenary Ada's line of work requires her to move all over the world, and during one of her travels she stumbles upon a strange cube that acts like a cell phone and invites her to find a bio terrorist submarine base which might have important information for her, which is the start of a kind of strange scavenger hunt Ada goes on for information. Personally as soon as someone says that in order to continue my investigation I have to get aboard a submerged submarine I'm out, regardless of how interesting or fun it might be.  This doesn't phase plucky Ada however so she takes a diving suit and infiltrates the base in order to find out what exactly is going on. Since she doesn't have a partner, Ada talks to herself a lot during the campaign which replaces the often  jokey banter the other characters have.

Throughout the game's story I noticed an awful lot of holes in narrative. For example we don't ever get to see the outbreak happened in Tall Oaks, the start of the Helea's involvement, the effects of Chris's amnesia, how Leon gets on the plane, or even find out what the motives of the terrorists are, and why they started the outbreak. One of the causes of this is that there are no longer any files to pick up or read throughout the game, like for example the infamous itchy note in Resident Evil 1. Instead you'll have to shoot the various blue medallions hidden throughout the game's levels in order to unlock some text revealing much needed background information, as well as viewable 3D character models. However I feel like most of the events I listed seem important enough to deserve their own cut scenes, especially the presidential dinner that ends in a zombie massacre, I mean it just seems like it would make a really great intro to me.

The game's combat system has been significantly changed from Resident Evil 4 and 5. You must still hold the left shoulder button to aim your weapon, and then actually fire it with the right shoulder button but you can perform a regular melee attack by only pressing the right shoulder button by itself, and you can perform a auto targeting quick fire shot with your selected weapon by tapping both shoulder buttons at the same time. However using quick shots, and melee attacks uses up stamina a new element that's been introduced in Resident Evil 6. In addition to your health bar, there's also a bar representing your stamina which decreases every time you perform a melee attack, quick shot or finishing move on an enemy. Generally you should have enough stamina to perform eight or so attacks before running out, and having to wait for your stamina is slowly be refilled. It doesn't matter how much stamina you use as long as it doesn't deplete to zero, since then it will take twice as long to refill. While your stamina is depleted  you'll  be unable to run and can only do one low kick melee attack that is very slow and does hardly any damage until your stamina is replenished.

Some might argue in favor of the decision to make it so that you can only do a limited amount of melee attacks at a time because of the introduction of a stamina bar adds a bit more strategy and micromanagement to the game. However I personally think that it breaks the beauty of Resident Evil 4 and 5's balanced combat system, where you use firearms to stun enemies, and then finish them off with melee attacks. It was simple effective and fun. Now since you have both ammo and melee attacks have limited quantities , if you're out of ammo, say in mercenaries mode and are limping along since you're out of stamina, you're pretty much screwed since you have no way of attacking, and are a sitting duck until your stamina refills or you finds more ammo. What's worse is that most characters actually don't carry a knife anymore, so all the barrels and crates you find must be opened by either shooting them or with melee attacks, both of which waste resources which is ridiculous, and a poor design decision.

In the single player only a few characters carry a knife, specifically Leon, Chris and Sherry, everyone else particularly Pearis is constantly running out of ammo since they can't do proper melee setups and have no side arm. Leon's knife is decent , the blade is rather narrow, and the reach isn't that great, but he does swipe pretty fast, and I would consider it decently effective. The problem is that knifing isn't really a viable strategy against zombies, especially in tight spaces unless you want to get grabbed all the time, and have healing herbs to spare. If you could somehow play as Leon in any of the other campaigns, or if he actually carried his knife in mercenaries mode, it would probably be pretty effective against Javo. The knife is still a lot more useful than it was in prior games since now you can actually move around while having it readied which makes it a lot easier to target specific parts of enemies bodies and therefore kill them much faster. Chris's knife is totally overpowered, and that's why I love it. Chris wields a wide and long bladed machete that kills or stuns everything with only a few slashes. The length of the blade is important since it means that Chris can attack enemies much farther away from him when compared to Leon's knife, which leaves them less vulnerable to attacks. Chris's knife is so good that I can actually run into a group 8 or 12 enemies, zombies or javo and start slashing, kill them all, and walk out unscathed. I really like how you can actually target with the knife.  Aim for the legs and they'll fall down, aim for chest  they'll reel back, but my favorite is aiming for the head which will either slit their throat or actually decapitate them instantly, it's awesome. I going to say it, Chris's knife is the best weapon in the entire game.  Sherry actually doesn't carry a knife, instead see has a Stun Rod which returns from Resident Evil 5, and is like a cattle prod. The good thing about the stun rod is that it has great attack range since it's nearly as big as Sherry's arm.  You can use the stun Rod like a knife if you want, by simply slowly swiping with it, but if you swipe too fast you'll perform a backhanded combo attack with it, that unfortunately has a long recovery time and could leave you susceptible to getting hit. The advantage of the stun Rod is that it's easy to attack multiple opponents at once due to its good range, Sherry's wide swings and the ability of electricity to travel across multiple foes on contact. The problem with stun Rod is that it doesn't do a lot of base damage, and it can be annoying to sometimes have to hit a single enemy on the ground 3 to 6 times before they finally die.

Every character carries at least two weapons

A new feature in Resident Evil 6 are counterattacks, which are similar to a dodge move, but can only be performed at close range for a split second right before an enemy attacks. Some counterattacks are highly effective since when triggered initiates a instant kill move against the attacker, others however only do massive damage to the enemy, or expose their weak spot. It's tempting sometimes to want to exclusively rely on counterattacks, however the timing is tricky and requires a decent amount of practice to get right consistently. Plus every successful counterattack will use up some of your stamina, and a counterattacking only strategy wouldn't be very effective when facing a group of foes, since you could still be easily attacked from behind by an enemy that the camera was obscuring.

Ever since Resident Evil 3 characters have had the ability to quickly turn around by simply pressing down on the controls, and pressing the X or A button depending on the system, which will make the character perform a 180' degree turn, or more commonly called Quickturn, to face attackers, or to quickly run away. In Resident Evil 6 however they have completely screwed this feature up. You can still perform a Quickturn, and your character will still turn around, but the camera doesn't point the way that you're now facing, , so that you can see where you're going, or what you're shooting at, which is of course the entire point.  It honestly seems like no one tested it out  at all.
Hot keying weapons to the digital pad, a great feature in  Resident Evil 5 has inconveniently also been removed in favor of scrolling through all of the weapons in your  inventory. This isn't really a problem in Mercenaries Mode, or in the early parts of any of the campaigns, since you'll probably only be caring two or three weapons at a time anyway. However later on in the campaigns, say by Chapter 2 or three, you'll probably have upwards of five weapons, and that's when scrolling through all of them starts to become a nuisance. Not helping matters any is that certain machine guns and sniper rifles icons look almost identical to each other, including their ammo, plus there seems to be no way of dropping a weapon that you don't want to free up space and make selection easier since you never use it.

In addition to melee attacks, you can also now slide and shoot on the ground, as well as roll around and crawl. To slide while running press the left shoulder button to initiate the slide. Slides are good at knocking over a group of enemies, breaking crates or barrels to get items, quickly passing objects that would take too long to run around or climb over and avoid enemy gunfire. You can also shoot and use items while sliding which can sometimes be useful such as planting a remote bomb in the middle of a horde of zombies, and then detonating it from a safe distance unscathed. What I don't like about sliding is that it's hard to steer, and you can easily miss your target even if it's only a crate, and it's also difficult to judge just how much momentum you have and how far you'll actually travel with each slide. Another problem is that it takes too long to recover from a slide and stand back up again, which will often lead to you being grabbed or just waste time in Mercenaries Mode.  If you keep holding down the left shoulder button you can stay on your back and crawl around if you want. I find that crawling isn't too useful however except for finding the occasional secret room, and although being on the ground helps you to avoid gunfire from Javos and getting grabbed by zombies, it severely limits your line of sight and ability to dodge or counter attacks. Also any damage that you take while on the ground will be a lot greater than if you were hit while standing, since most enemies ground attacks are finishing moves.

Most of the time you won't be on the ground voluntarily, since every time you lose a chunk of your health bar in the game you'll be knocked to the ground, and have to wait a second before you can stand up again. What's particularly frustrating is when a machine gun wielding javo chain hits you, every time you stand up, knocking you down repeatedly and your only option is to kill him on while you're still on the ground. Sure in Resident Evil  4 and 5 a few attacks would knock you flat on your back, but only particularly strong ones like hits from bosses, hammers or RPG explosions. In Resident Evil 6 every time you lose a section of your life bar, which is every time you get hit on higher difficulties you're knocked to your back. What I really hate is when you get hit and knocked to the ground behind some form of cover, and because of the cover can't aim at the javo that's shooting at you while on the ground. So your forced to stand up again to have even the possibility of hitting them, only to be immediately hit and knocked down again the second you standup. Situations like these seem impossible and sometimes are, which is why I use it as an example of the games poor design, however sometimes you can escape the pattern by rolling left or right while on the ground, but what you really need is some competent back up like from a human player.


Most of the skills in the game seems to serve the purpose of fixing common gameplay problems that are frequently annoying to the player , yet there isn't a skill that prevents you from being knocked down, and that's one of the most  frustrating things about the game. I don't mind if I still take damage I just don't want to get knocked down repeatedly five times in a row because a single Javo enemy has a heavy machine gun, and my AI partner refuses to cover me. If I could just stand up for 2 seconds I could easily headshot the javo, but I don't even have time to aim before being knocked down again. The only option really is to either noticed them before they fire at you in the first place, or shoot them while you're still on the ground, which won't work if you're behind cover, or there's any sort of debris, or decorations in the level blocking your shots.

You might remember that in Resident Evil 4 and 5 that your character's hands might sway up or down or left or right a tiny bit while aiming, particularly with sniper rifles. Here in Resident Evil 6 the practice has been exaggerated to become outright absurd.  It's hard enough to get head shots on zombies that bob and weave back and forth that I don't also need Leon's aim is suddenly jerk upwards just as I pulled the trigger. Hand shaking while sniping, might be realistic but egade is it annoying, and really takes all the fun out of getting a good clean headshot when you miss the first five or so shots because of the characters spastic grip. It's seriously ridiculous trying to line up a sniper shot, when your sights will move three or four inches to the right, or way down below your intended target constantly, even when you don't move the analog stick. There seems to be a awful lot of anti-hand shaking skills in the game, which says to me that they know it's a problem, yet refuse to fix it. I shouldn't have to constantly fight the gun in order to aim where I want to, nor should I have to waste viable skill points slots on what should be standard normal controls. In fact it got so bad that I stop sniping in the game altogether, and then when pressed because it was the only weapon I had ammo for left, I found it much more effective to simply run up to an enemy and quick shot them with a sniper rifle then to actually look through the scope, which I think illustrates just how fundamentally broken sniping in the game is.
 when blind firing is more effective then aiming down the scope.
guns cailibur

Since weapon upgrades have been removed from the game, not only do you have no way of fixing glaring flaws with weapons such as small capacities or super long reload times, but you also have no way of knowing which weapons are more powerful than others. For example Piesrs has a sniper rifle by default and Henena has a shotgun, but they each acquire new versions later in the campaign. In fact the only way I found to tell exactly how powerful a certain weapon is to check the caliber of bullets that it uses. That's the only way I found out that Henena default hydra shotgun is a ten gage and the second shotgun is a 12 gage and is therefore more powerful. It would be great if there was at very least a menu where you could examine weapons and it listed all their stats. What's also confusing is that ammo types for different kinds of shotguns and sniper rifles look identical, and it would be much easier to check exactly how much ammo I have for the 12 gage, if the 10 ammo wasn't colored green as well. Also why is it that both machine gun and sniper rifle ammo colored blue? Is it because in the game's universe there're all manufactured by the same company? Regardless of the reason it's annoying and too difficult to tell them apart. Different types of ammo should use different colors like orange, pink, white or black, in addition to the already existing green, blue, silver and red so that they can be easily identifiable on sight.
that you only have eight slots.

Another problem with ammo is that you aren't able carry very much of it at once. They're pretty generous with handgun ammo, allowing you to carry 150 rounds at a time, before it will take up another spot in your inventory for handgun ammo. Then when you collect 300 handgun rounds , it will take up a third spot and so on and so forth. However what I have a problem with is that you can only carry around 60 rounds of machine gun or sniper rifle ammo before it takes up a second slot in your inventory, which considering how common machine gun ammo is to find is really ridiculous. You should be able to carry at least 800 rounds for the machine gun. What's worse is that you can only carry around 30 magnum, grenade launcher or most importantly shotgun ammo at a time without taking up more valuable inventory space. Although I tend to favor use of the shotgun, and may be relying too much, I should still be able to carry around at least 200 rounds at a time. Another problem are weapons with different types of ammo, like incendiary rounds for sniper rifles, or acid rounds for grenade launchers each take up another space in your inventory, which is at a premium given how little room you have. While collecting skill points all frequently pick up flash grenades by mistake, and then I'll have to constantly throw them out of my inventory, which is a three-step process during the middle of a firefight just so I can pick up some much-needed shotgun ammo in reload my gun, it's insane.

Mercenaries Mode first introduced and made popular by Resident Evil 4 returns again in Resident Evil 6. Just like in prior games the goal of Mercenaries Mode is to kill as many enemies as you can in quick succession to maintain a combo that will increase your score within the allotted time. Tougher enemies are worth more points when you kill them , and you can increase the initial two minutes you have to complete the stage by getting time bonus markers which can give you as much as ten minutes complete the goal of killing all 150 enemies. When you first start the game only one map is available, Urban Chaos. After beating Chris's campaign you'll unlock the bridge map, and you'll get the cave map for beating Jake's campaign. Three other map, list them can be bought for $1 a piece on Xbox Live or PlayStation Network marketplace. Some people think that there are four other maps as well that could be unlocked by DLC released in the future. It's seems like every map either has zombies  or javo as enemies, and they never mix the two which is somewhat disappointing. I say somewhat because I actually prefer to fight Javo over zombies who are oddly much less predictable, and more likely to grab me and break my combo. In fact it would be great if there was an option when selecting a map to fight zombies, javo, or a mixture of the two, but there unfortunately isn't. Another problem I have with Mercenaries Mode in 6 is that enemies always spawn in the same order  and in the same groups every time you play a map, which gets really monotonous after say the 10th time playing a map in a row. It would be a lot better if that instead of having a wave of regular zombies, dogs, cops, firemen, soldiers, and blood shots, one or two of each spawned all the time, instead of having to kill 15 of one enemy type before the next one shows up. They could even make it so that the order of the waves of 15 of the same enemies weremixed up randomly, like say having firemen, bloodshot, soldiers, zombies, dog, cops would make things a lot more interesting. It would also be nice to just start with a full eight minutes and not have to collect the same time bonuses in the same location every time. I was disappointed that one of the best features of the mercenaries 3D for the 3DS, the ability to use anyone's weapon load out  on whatever character you want wasn't carried over into Resident Evil 6. I haven't unlocked everything yet, but so far it seems like Chris definitely has my favorite loadout, and is possibly the best overall, but it gets repetitive playing only as Chris, with the same enemies on the same map in the same order over and over again. So it would be great to use Chris's knife while playing as a different character to mix things up and keep it fresh. One good improvement I've noticed is that you can now trigger combo time, where you get extra points for killing enemies in succession, by simply shooting the marker, unfortunately the same can't be said for time bonuses, which still have to be hit it with a melee attack up close, which I think is inconsistent and strange. I think it's also peculiar that the list of available skills is almost completely different in Mercenaries Mode when compared to single player, but a few do carry over, such as the very useful skill that makes enemies drop more items when killed. I also have to say that a lot of the skills in Mercenaries Mode are entirely useless, and what makes matters worse is that unlike in the campaign you can only use one at time. So I'll usually pick the item that makes more ammo drop since it actually gives me a advantage, unlike the rest of them. It will be great if I could just use as many skills as I want, I wouldn't even care if my scores weren't posted on the leaderboards, I just want to have fun.
melee combos and knifing
explain the mode

Urban Chaos is a pretty good map that takes place on a Chinese Street, has a elevated walk bridge, arcade and several businesses to check out.  Most of the time you'll be fighting regular zombies, but later on you'll have to deal with armored ones, spintners, firemen, dogs, whopers who are fat zombies, and blood shots; pink skinless zombies who love to pounce on you. The first problem you'll probably run into are the zombie dogs. You should never approach one directly in the front as they'll surely pounce on you which will waste your time and health. If you have the stamina quick shoting them is a good idea, however if you have a knife or stun rod try attacking them from the sides as usually only one hit will kill them quickly and instantly. You have to be careful when fighting firemen's zombies with guns, they might turn around, and you could hit and explode the oxygen tank on their back by mistake and take damage. What's also annoying is that for some reason their firemen's hat prevents most head shots, even with knives, so conversely you might actually want to explode their oxen tank on purpose, to be rid of them quicker and save time. Shoot firemen zombies in the shoulder to make that twist around and expose their back to you. I don't know what it is but Whopper zombies always seems to sneak up on me, knock me down and then repeatedly trample me to death, which as you would expect is quite maddening especially when you have a high combo going and a ton of extra time. What I learned is as soon as you see the armored soldier zombies show up, as well as the spiters, expect the fat zombie to show up very soon, you should refill your health in advance and camp a corner just to be safe. Twice during the map there will be a wave of at least 15 bloodshot zombies, who dodge most gunfire and do massive damage. You have pretty much two options to take them all out, kill each one by countering its pounce attack, which requires a lot of practice to get the timing right, or wait until most of them spawn and then lure them to a exploding barrel and take them all out at once.

rambomly spawning enimes from behinde you.

who are good characters single merc
merc combo time
move and shoot

Capcom has said that there will be a patch for the game in December that will add two new camera angles, a higher difficulty settings, called No Hope Left which is similar to professional mode in  Resident Evil 5 where every hit puts you into a dying state, and lastly add co-op to Ada Wong's campaign and also make it available from the start and not have to be unlocked. While I'm glad that they're still working on the game and trying to improve it, they should also fix the movement controls so that they aren't so twitchy, so I can move around precisely. It would be great if there was an option to make the analog stick only for walking unless you hold down the X or A button to run like in prior Resident Evil games. There also needs to be a way to lock the camera behind the player at all times. They should add back the mini map found in Resident Evil 5 so that I don't get lost in areas where every cornerdoor looks the same. Increase the hit range for melee attacks on enemies that are on the ground, so that I don't get constantly bitten in the leg by zombies. Make it possible to turn off the stamina bar, since I think that would be a lot more fun if I could just melee things infinitely. Fix the broken skill system that needs to let me either equip ten at a time or however many I want, and all of the single player skills need to also be available in Mercenaries Mode. I don't care if they think it would be unfair or make the game too easy, I don't even mind if my records aren't saved, or my score isn't put on the leaderboard for using too many skills, I just want to have fun, which right now the majority that time I'm not. There also needs to be a way to let any character play any campaign with any costume, as well as a way to create custom weapons load outs, so that I can arm everyone with Chris's knife, machine gun, pistol, shotgun, Pier's rifle and Jake's Magnum. There also definitely needs to be a way to turn off all the constant QTE sequences or at very least remove the ones that require rotating the analog sticks, since it damages them and wears out controllers too fast. Sure QTEs are automatic when playing on the amateur difficulty setting, but I still want some kind of challenge, but without breaking my controller. They need to stop enemies from moving and surrounding you during in game cut scenes, as well as attacking you while you're trying to open a door but are still waiting for your AI partner to casually walk up to it. Let me carry however many health tablets I want at a time so that my inventory isn't constantly crowded up by mixed herbs that I don't have the space to add to my capsule collection yet. Raise the inventory limit to 20 items or combine it so that any ammo type you pick up only takes up one slot regardless of how much of it you have. Split up each chapter in the game to at least when three or five different parts so that I can easily skip parts of the campaign I don't like and still have fun replaying the game. Add more maps to Mercenaries Mode, I would say at least 20. Add new characters playable characters as well like Jill, Claeie, Wesker, Hunk, Rebecca, Sheva, Barry, Krusher, Steve, Josh,  Billy, Luis, Ashshly, Hunigan, Tofu, Excella, Irving, Carlos, Brad, other revolation charcters. I don't mind paying for new maps or characters for Mercenaries Mode, but I do think considering how little maps are available by default in the game from the start, that they should give away at least six more maps for free. Some people were clamoring for an expansion to the single player campaign, and I personally wouldn't mind seeing what Jill, Clarie, Sheva, Rebbcca, Barry or Hunk were up to during the rest of the storyline and I wouldn't even mind one of them just replacing Leon or Chris and their campaigns and have the same dialog, it doesn't have to make sense I just want a play as them.

Regardless if Capcom fixes those issues or not, eventually they should release a PC version of Resident Evil 6 and I'm sure that modders could fix most of the aforementioned problems that I have with the game currently, so if you think your computer can run it and you don't mind waiting six months to a year for it to come out, and the mods to be released, then I'd probably recommend getting the PC version of the game instead.

In addition to the changes the patch brings there are also three new downloadable content multiplayer modes, survivors, onslaught and predator, which are currently exclusive to the Xbox 360 version. Survivors mode is probably the most fun and populated of the new multiplayer game types. It's Similar to survivors mode in resident evil 5 but has a few added twists that make it more interesting, but harder to make a comeback during a match. The goal is to be the last human player standing with the highest score. At the start of the match players try to kill each other, and when someone dies they'll respawn as an enemy such as a zombie or a javo where their goal remains to kill enemy players which will turn them into monster and let the killer return as a human again. Interestingly you can hide or run away the whole match, and if you're the only human player remaining you'll win. Or you can die and then returned to life by killing another player six times and rack up a ton of points, but if you're not alive at the end of the match you won't win.  This is the interesting mechanic of the gametype; do you play defensively and avoid encounters all cost or play aggressively to seek out and kill every player that you can, and risk potentially being dead in the match. When you die you'll respawn as the indigenous basic enemy for the map, so on urban Chaos to come back as a zombie, on steel beast a javo, in catacombs a mummy zombie and on liquid fire you return as a scuba gear javo. When you first start playing as a monster, getting used to the controls is an issue, as well as the speed of the character you're playing as. Zombies move much slower than pretty much every other character so you'll in either have to wait somewhere" of human character are you so you can attack them, or use the zombie's dash to run around following the action, and try to steal someone else's kill at the last second. comparedily Javo have a much easier time since they almost always carry a weapon and have a very fast running speed. The problem I noticed though is that all characters and javo seem to be able to run at the same speed continuously, and in order to attack if you're a javo you have to stop for a second, which means unless the person you're chasing screws up and gets cornered or pinned down you won't ever be able to catch up and attack them. Because of this the best way to get kills as a javo is to interfere with a human on human skirmish and attack whoever has lower health and is closest to you. As a human whenever you get shot you'll be knocked down, stand up again right away your attacker will shoot you again and repeat the cycle. Instead aim and fire your attacker while you're still on the ground which will catch them off guard, then proceed to unload your clip on them until they're dead. Much like mercenaries mode each human character has a different load out a weapons and a specific amount of ammo for each one, although it is possible to pick up more ammo, grenades or healing items by scavenging crates were dead bodies, most of the time once you run out, that's it. So when you find your weapon dry  it's important to have a good secondary weapon like a knife or the stun rod to protect yourself. You'd be surprised how many people can't handle knife attacks, and get completely owned by them, even at full health while running straight at them from a distance. The key to picking your character is having a weapon with a fast rate of fire, good stopping power, and at least a decent range. Chris or Agent are good choices for instance they both have magums and knifes, and in a team game Ada or Piers's sniper rifle are great at taking out people playing keep away by running all over the place.

Onslaught mode is a competitive one on one survival mode where the goal is to kill more enemies than your opponent and survive for 10 minutes or until your competition is killed, whichever happens first. At the start of a match about 10 or so basic enemies will spawn and attack you, and killing them in quick succession will start a combo. Much like mercenaries mode every time you kill a enemy in sequence a tally will be added to your combo, and every time your combo ends by either not killing another enemy in time, or by reaching the maximum combo amount in onslaught mode of 30 that number of enemies will be sent over for your opponent to fight, and the higher your combo the more difficult and powerful enemies will be. Enemies sent over by your opponent can be identified because they all appeared to be covered in yellow mudd, which I guess is a clever way to disguise a technical issue used in order to keep the framerate up, which is surprisingly stable even with 50 or so enemies on screen at once.

In onslaught mode maps are scaled down, and made more circular and a lot of corners and camping positions being walled off. The best strategy is to continuously run around the map, while periodically turning around to kill off a few of your attackers and keep the combo: so that not too many enemies spawn in one place and overwhelme you. Unlike mercenaries mode there is no advantage to using melee attacks to kill enemies since there's no way to add or subtract time clock, therefore you might as well shoot everything with a head shot or exploit explosive barrels to take out large groups of enemies at the same time. Since there's no disadvantage to run and gunning you're better off relying on sniper rifles and machine guns, then handguns and melee attacks, is more about this speed and ease of killing enemies than the style in which you do. I noticed that sometimes an powerful extra weapon will spawn at the extraction point during the last two minutes of a match, like a elephant killer magnum or an RPG launcher. In the event of a draw, where both players are at the extraction point at the end of the match, the person with the highest score determined by kill count and combos will win.

The left analog stick moves your character, and your speed is determined by how far is pressed in one direction, unlike earlier games in the series. The right analog stick controls the camera, and moves the targeting radical of your weapon while aiming. You can also click the right stick to change the alignment of the camera behind your character to the left or right side screen. Press and hold the a button to run, while running The left trigger to perform a slide move. The a button can also be used to interact with objects, climb over obstacles, or jump down from ledges. The X. button is used to pick up items, weapons, and skill points. The B. button is used to revive your partner in a co-op game, and open doors that require both characters do the same action at once. The Y. button opens up your inventory, which displays how much ammo herbs you have and any grenades you're caring, while in your inventory you can and then either drop them to make room or combine herbs to save space. Pushing the left or right on the directional pad changes your currently selected weapon, and pushing up or down on the D-Pad switches to a single use item like a grenade or first-aid spray. Tapping the right trigger will perform a melee attack. Tapping the right trigger at the correct time will also perform a counterattack if you hit it just before an enemy is about to connect. The L. trigger is used to aim your weapon, and while aiming getting the right trigger will shoot your weapon, slash your knife, or use you item depending on what you have equipped. The right bumper is used to consume a health tablet which are made from mixing herbs, and refill one segment of your life bar. In co-op you can restore some of your partner's health when he revive them by pressing the right bumper instead of the B. button when they're down , but only if you have some health tablets in your inventory. If you're out of tablets, but have herbs in your inventory will automatically use one and turn it into a tablet if you press the right bumper, however it won't mix the herbs automatically so even if you have enough in your inventory to make six tablets, using the automatic mixing method will only give you one. Pressing and holding The left bumper displays an arrow of where you're supposed to go and highlights your partner. The start button is used to pause the game, however the game can only be paused if you're playing the game by yourself in off-line mode. You can still be connected to the Internet, just when creating the match in single player be sure to set the match in game settings to off-line. The select button is used to bring up the game options, which weirdly causes your character to crouch down in the center of the screen and doesn't pause the game which leaves you vulnerable to attacks. The option menu changes in design based on what character you are playing as, Leon's being a little more straightforward, and then  Chris' archaically design s option which has rotating settings in a wheel like fashion. Honestly you're better off exiting the game and changing settings in the main menu which by the way actually has more options than have to deal with the terrible in game select button options menu.

I initially started playing the 360 version of game, then when I moved onto the PlayStation 3 version I was struck by how much more precise the controls were and forgiving the aiming was. Which leads me to believe that the PlayStation three was the lead platform that game was developed for before being ported to the Xbox 360. Although I wouldn't go as far to say that the 360 version is a sloppy port, the problems I was initially aren't as widespread as I feared. Eventually I noticed that the QTE button mashing sequences that seem much easier in the PlayStation three version weren't necessarily programed that. It turns out that the 360 version as a nearly 1 second delay on all QTE button prompts in the game, which in turn causes you not to press them early enough and then not have enough time to complete them.

One of the most annoying things about the game especially since it emphasizes ammo conservation, are enemies which are temporarily invincible until a cut scene triggers, or they finish their current animation, but during this time you can still fire way at them and waste all the bullets you want. Some bosses will have a super long 32 seconds or one minute death animation, were you'll probably keep shooting them since they're still moving, but the next phase just hasn't started yet. Or some boss fights are entirely scripted and pretty much just interactive cut scenes, but you can still fire your guns much as you want at the boss, people just have no effect. Sometimes bosses are enemies will have little intro animations to scare you during which are entirely invincible but you wouldn't know that your first time through the game. For example pretty much every time a zombie is if someone and then gets up, until it turns and faces you, it's indestructible. What's really frustrating our enemy animations that sometimes make them immune to damage. For instance pouncing zombies, who can only be shot out of the air about 20% of the time, and good luck countering them, as the percentage is even lower. What I really hate though is when sometimes the game will glinch, and I'll shoot the head clean off a zombie right before he pounces me, but it doesn't register that I killed him, so he grabs me anyway and proceeds to bite my neck while being headless, which makes no sense. I realize that headless enemies still attacking you was intentional in Resident Evil or by because the plaga controlling the enemy was housed in their chest, this however is just broken and really messed up.

Since the patch in December the game isn't as woefully bad as it used to be. The biggest improvement is to the camera which in addition to having more options for distance and framing now also doesn't freak out and spin wildly anywhere near as often as it used to, and it's much more difficult for enemies to sneak up on you from nowhere. However the old glitch of the camera not facing a new direction when you use the quick turn is still present, which is disappointing. The patch also added the ability to play co-op on Ada's campaign, with the second player being the generic though etc Hunk Agent character. Lastly there's also the new difficulty setting no hope which is even harder than professional mode, since every hit puts you into a dying state, and you can't use any skills to make the game easier.

There will supposedly be at least one more patch which will split up the length they chapters in a single player game into multiple segments on selecting a stage, and supposedly remove or make all the QTEs in the game automatic.

Unfortunately the lag is quite prevalent in survivors mode. With many players seem to appear and disappear or float across the map, which is due to extreme lag causing the game to become out of sync. Strangely though this doesn't really hurt the experience that much, as most gunshots still connect pretty accurately, but however it does really screw up the timing for melee attacks, especially counterattacks which should probably just be best avoided so you don't take unnecessary damage when failing. I noticed that the lag seemed to subside a bit with matches of 2 to 4 players, but there always seemed to be a 1 to 5 seconds character and enemy movement the light in matches with five or six players making melee attacks useless. Delayed explosive weapons like grenades or remote bombs.

Survivors mode is fast-paced, fairly intense, and a lot of fun. It's also probably the best mood to play a group of people since it supports teams of three for up to six players. It seems like there's a decent amount of people playing survivors mode, much more then I would expect, and you can usually find five or 10 different matches with four so people in each one at any time day. Now he could drop off any point really, but I'd say there's a good possibility of finding a match over the next year or so.

Onslaught mode requires a bit of practice, even for each individual MAP u play it on since last workout a good path to run around the map in the key winning is to always keep moving. And figure out where all the healing items are. Once you finally know what you're doing, which usually only takes about two or three matches, you should be able to win every time, barring a large screw up caused by carelessness. I'd imagine this would make long sessions against the same player eventually become one-sided and monotonous. So having a large player base would be the key to keeping the mode interesting. However unfortunately it's often pretty difficult to find a match or get one going. Which makes me skeptical of whether or not it's worth the money to buy onslaught mode if almost no one will be playing it in two months.

In predator mode one person plays as the unisink tyrant while the rest as human characters either try to stay alive for two minutes or actually kill the unisink in the allotted time for more points. The mode supports up to six players and goes on for six rounds if there are six players so that everyone gets a chance to be the unisink. I would say the advantage that we goes to the human players primarily because the unisink is really terrible controls, and is awful at turning, so the lot harder for him to win. Human players have limited weapons and ammo, for example most of the magnums and launchers available for law routes in other modes have been removed, and all weapons only have one clip of ammo. As you would expect knives and melee attacks really aren't very effective against the unisink regardless of how competent the person playing him is. Most of the weapon damage increasing skills are also not available, with the exception of shooting wild, which removes the targeting radical, but greatly increases your firepower for all weapons. About halfway through a match, which I guess is a one minute point, since every round is two minutes long, a shotgun weapon upgrade appears for the unisink to use, and a grenade launcher, elephant gun Magnum or RPG launcher for the humans. Waypoints are displayed on the screen as hand gun icons, with white representing human weapons, and yellow the unisink weapon. The real goal of predator mode is to get the most points, endpoints can be acquired several ways. As a human player it's easiest to get points by simply shooting the unisink, the more damage you do more points you'll aquire. For example shooting him with a hand gun might only get you 100 points, but a direct hit with a rifle could be 900. Reviving players is also a good strategy to get a lot of points. Reviving someone with a health tablet will get you 2000 points while just putting them back on their feet earns 1000 points. You can even destroy the The unisink's shotgun arm attachment for 1000 points oddly by kicking it until it explodes. The big prize of getting the final blow, and killing the unisink is worth 8000 points. It's easiest easier to rack up points while playing as the unisink since all you have to do is repeatedly incapacitate or capture human players for 3000 points a piece. Of course your main goal is to eliminate all the human players at the same time, but you might want to hold off and show both a bit first if you're going for a high score. The unisink control the very awkwardly and I have a lot of trouble turning with him, especially quickly, and all of his attacks are slow as well. The unisink basically has four moves, he can grab someone on his right side by swinging his arm, he can grab someone directly in front of him at a distance using his left arm as a grappling hook, he can charge as someone, and lastly if you can find it shoot people with his shotgun arm. You can also throw people that you captured that other players, or more strategically into places where it would be hard revive them, such as traps, or walled off areas. The stampede rush down who is fairly effective, but you can't change the direction of charging even a little bit to the left or right once you've started and it has a long recovery time. Swinging your right arm at people is fairly effective, and does great damage but it feels as though you must constantly fight it to aim in the direction you want. The kick move is executed much too slowly to be effective. It takes so long to grab someone with your left arm so your target almost always has enough time to get out of the way, so you really only hit them if they stand perfectly still, which never happens. I'd imagine that the shotgun arm is probably pretty effective, but so far I've had the opportunity use it yet. There's actually an achievement to wipe out the entire enemy team of five players as the unisink in the first minute of the match, which honestly seems almost impossible to get legitimately, as the whole team would have to stand in a straight line at the same location so that the unisink could charge in and take out the whole conga line at once. I've given a lot of thought, and I think that the best strategy is to capture or incapacitate one player, and then use them as bait so that the other players come to you. Then as they approach charge into them, hopefully before the revive someone, since both players are invincible during the animation. Something that makes the game type a lot harder or synchronization issues with player locations and movement due to lag. For example it's hard to dodge the unisink when your screen is only the playing is location from 5 seconds ago, and likewise it's hard charge into someone when you can change your direction after you started, and they now stepped 20 feet to the left or right. predator mode seems to be a little less popular than survivors mode, and it's hard to find matches at certain times of the day, but usually one or two will pop up within five minutes. Overall I would say that predator mode is fairly entertaining, but the issues with playing as the unisink and constant lag and for the experience, and make it easy to stop playing.

There really needs to be bot support for all of the game's multiplayer modes, and a way to practice playing as any creatures such as zombies, javo and the unisink so that you can get used to the controls, and be more competitive with other players in agent hunt, survivors, and predator mode.

The graphics in the game are largely very impressive. Character models I would say are the highlights which are very realistic looking, a great level of detail, and have very expressive faces. Most of the levels in the game are intricately detailed and feel like lived in environments. There are also some nice scenic landscapes such as in the nosdoina levels. The texture quality throughout the game seems very high, and often makes even background decorations look realistic. I noticed that since the patch seems like that they removed a lot of the shine gloss that a lot of the objects in the environment had before, which in some cases like the balloons in Leon's first level, look worse, but other times you'll notice a greater level of detail in the hair or wood textures. The frame rate also seems to be more stable now at a consistent 30 fps, when before it would often drop to 15 fps if there was too many enemies on screen, or complex lighting. Lighting and shadows I would say are probably the only shortcoming the game has in the graphics department. The beams of flashlights just don't behave or look realistic, and shadows are heavily artifacted and blocky looking. Many areas in the game are far too dark and it's very difficult to see anything, without adjusting the game's brightness setting way up. The few brightly lit indoor areas, and daytime outdoor levels such as the Requiem for war map, have really great lighting however.

In agent hunt mode players take control of various enemies such as zombies or javo and then attempt to de-rail another player's progress in the single player campaign by killing them. One of the problems I have with agent hunt mode, is that outside of curiosity, there isn't much of a incentive to play it. As a creature if you kill a human player your only reward is braging rights, and as a human there is no incentive to activate agent hunt mode, since it will only slow down your progress, and possibly ruin your attempt at a high score. The only reason I can think of playing agent hunt mode if you're a human is if you completely mastered the game, I now find it far too easy, and are looking for any sort of remaining challenge the game might have. When playing as a creature the only incentive to do well is your ranking on the leaderboard. Killing an agent will get you the most points, and you also be ordered a lofty sum for incapacitating them, hitting them, or using certain monsters special moves, such as the streaker's zombie summoning ability. Agent hunt matches are usually pretty short since they can only take place on specific parts of levels were a lot of enemies spawn at once. for example the end of Leon's Chapter 1 from the gunshop to the end of the chapter, or the start of Leon's Chapter 2 until he enters the church. Once a human player survives the gauntlet and completes an area the match ends and the monster team loses. If a creature kills a human player, the monster team wins, the match ends, and the human must restart the last checkpoint. Most of the time it's unusual for the creatures to win, unless the human player screws up royally, and gets cornered, camps too much, runs out of ammo, is overly confident and takes too many fights, or is just entirely inept. Usually creatures have a distinct disadvantage because of the early slope movement speed, except when running, and truly awful cornering and turning controls, that force or ghghh make monsters slowly rotate in place like tanks just turn or sidestep a little to the left or right. I would say that the majority of the monsters have such terrible controls that they have no chance of winning such as the Zombies usrakstki, submarine javo, bees swarm creatures. There are some monsters with good controls, or at least these abilities that are fundable as such as the javo, zombie dog Cerberus, blood shot, streaker, gela monster.

Go over the play style and abilities each monster.

What makes matters worse when you're already playing at a disadvantage due to the zombie's low defence, terable speed, long windup for weak attacks are the as many as three terrible spawn locations that sometimes seem like they are five blocks were two football fields away from the actual human players. Which wouldn't be a problem if your character to move as slow as molasses, and could turn worth a damn, and the human players didn't have a excellent sniping position. It can all be very frustrating. And sometimes it seems like it'll be at load screens waiting for a match to start more than you'll actually be playing the game, due to the matches being so short and one sided.
You can only use the quick one skill at time.

It seems like at some point the developers realized that the creatures had a greater chance of winning, so they added the buffs of allowing you to equip one of four skills to boost your abilities. Health defense, attack power offense, and stamina which allows you to use your special attack or ability. Each ability has three upgradeable levels, initially stating out cheap only costing 5,000 skill points each to purchase, the second level costs 15,000 with the last level costing a whopping 60,000, which you should really only buy if you're really serious about agent hunt mode. I find the only good skill to upgrade is the defense skill, it allows you to take as many as three or four hits so that you won't be sniped at a distance and at least have a chance of getting in close to attack a human player, but melee attacks can still instantly kill you. Upgrading your attack power seem like a good idea, however most creatures have such a slow attack speed, and short range that the increased damage won't matter if you can't hit human players in the first place. Upgrading your maximum health seems pointless, since headshots  will kill you in one hit  regardless, and since your defense hasn't increased machine guns, sniper rifles, and magnums can still easily take you out quickly, as well as most melee attacks. There isn't much point in increasing your stamina as well since most creatures don't use or have to rely on stamina attacks in the first place. You only really need stamina if you're playing as a submarine javo, since they are only good attack the stationary quick slash requires stamina, but most of the time you won't run out anyway. The stamina upgrade could be useful if you were browsing matchs before you joined instead of using quick matches and noticed that the area included submarine javo, and then switch to the stamina upgrade before joining. However an attack or defense upgrade would be much more useful when playing as every other creature the map might offer. It honestly amazes me that there isn't a upgrade to increase the speed of all the creatures you play as, since they all move incredibly slow. There should also be a upgrade that lets you spawn 10 feet behind the nearest player so that you can sneak up on them as a fighting chance to at least get a hit on them before being killed.

I think that agent hunt mode would be a lot more fun if say 10,000 skill points were awarded to the winning team at the end of the match, and players who did well during the match could unlock stronger monsters to play as similar to how beast mode works in Gears of War 3.

Cerberus zombie dog still loose as slow as the other characters, but it's dashing speed which can be used continuously is very fast and is a great way to get around the map quickly. The downside to using Cerberus is that they have very weak defense, and even with a maxed out defense upgrade they can still be killed if one can't of almost every weapon. Their only form of attack is to pounce on people which triggers a QTE sequence for both players. Zombie dogs have terrific speed , but there poor health makes it so that they are really only good for scouting or finishing off a already severely injured player, and can't take one down by themselves.

Bloodshots are really the only viable zombie creature to attack human players repeatedly at close range and succeed in killing them. Bloodshots have a lot of health which makes them durable, and they're pounce move is a great damage dealer that can be easily changed and used repeatedly against the same target. There are really only two things to look out for, a stationary player who is facing you that might try to insta kill you with a counterattack, or their partner sneaking up and shooting you in the back. That's why I usually try to pounce one player, before then targeting the other, and then repeating the process by pouncing on the first player again jggjg  Unless a second player is controlled by the AI since they are much more likely to counterattack and kill you. Bloodshots also have a slow windup uppercut move, and should only be used when you determine that it's not safe to pounce, but I would just recommend running away until you have a clear shot, and then pounce away.

streakers are interesting class to play as, since they serve more of a support role really, and therefore aren't suited for direct assaults. Even slight at human players, but the best strategy is to simply inflate your throat sac, scream and then repeat the process over and over again, even if you're not near the human targets, since every time you scream you will summon five AI controlled zombies to attack them for you. You could also try screening near a human player, to mildly damaged and stunned them, but it's really risky because if they hit your inflated shack, you'll be killed instantly, and waste the chance you had to overwhelm them with a hoard of zombies.

gela monsters are unusual and rare to play as, but they are actually pretty fun to use, and very effective. They have two primary attacks, they can release a gas cloud which will stun human players, or throw a large bargarage of spikes from their neck that will knock over wherever they hit, and the spikes have a long-range and a pretty good spured, making it almost a guaranteed hit. The cheapest thing to do when playing as the gela monster is to approach a human player from the side or behind and then repeatedly spam the next spike attack every time they are about to get out in order to chain hit them until they die. If you can get both players in a corner so that you can get chain hits on both safely, without one of them sneaking up on you, it should be a guaranteed victory.

Javo are notable for being the fastest and easiest to control playable monsters, outside of the fragile Cerberus dogs. Javo generally have decent defense and pretty good attack power. Unfortunately most of their weapons have fairly short range, particularly the standard box cutter or switchblade knife that most wheild. Javo from the China levels are often armed with long machete blades which in addition to doing more damage also have much better reach which makes them much more attractive than standard Javo. Javo can run at the same speed as human players, but still have some trouble with turning quickly while running. Although you can sometimes play as a mutated Javo such as the various long arm or  shield mutations, I've yet to be able to play as a gun wielding Javo, which I think would be very effective. hjggg It's possible however that they don't appear in the mode into fears of balance issues.

submarine javo are one of the worst classes in the game to play as. Sure they can run as fast as human players, but because they run at the same speed, that also means that they can never catch up to them. The submarine javo's primary attack is a lunging slash, which seems like the ideal move to use on a fleeing enemy. However for some strange reason you actually slow down to perform the attack, and by the time you're finished, the target is at least 15 feet away. You do somehow manage to connect however you'll be shocked to learn that if they seemingly four hits to even take out one section of their life bar, making the attack completely useless. The submarine javo's only redeeming feature is its standing quick flash attack which uses stamina, and it's hard to set up correctly, unless you've cornered a human player, but can actually kill them in 5 to 8  slashs. Keep in mind though that if you miss you'll only have enough stamina to slash about 10 or 12 times before running out, and you'll have to run away to stay alive, but since you're out of stamina you won't be able to run.

the usrakstki regenerating white xenomorph esqp goo monster has the dubious honor of being the slowest moving creature you can play as, even when running. It's like he's skipping along the shore line of a lake and not rushing through coradors relentlessly seeking a victim to Deep Throat his extending tongue so that he can procreate and spawn another face bursting doppelgänger of himself. I suppose this was done because if they successfully grabbed a human player it will instantly kill them, after a lengthy death cut scene plays out. They nerfed the attack far too much however and made it almost impossible to kill anyone with the character, unless a human player lost interest or forgot they were playing the game and stood completely still for the 10 minutes it takes the usrakstki to walk up and grabbed them. usrakstki also has the ability to use ventilation shafts or drainpipes to teleport between rooms. The problem is that it takes 30 seconds to enter or exit a pipe or shaft before you can begin slowly stumbling toward your target again. What makes matters worse is that the teleports aren't labeled and you won't know where they go accept from either using them and finding out, or memorization from playing the level many times.

Bee swarm have very high defense, and even when they are vulnerable because the queen bee is exposed, most players are too incompetent to shoot it right away. So on paper the bee swarm character seems like it would be a great effective killing machine, and it certainly is when the AI plays it. As a human you only have two attacks, one which fires your bee swarm at a player from a distance, and another where you hug a enemy and usually insta kill them. My problem is that I can never get to the bee launching attack to connect, even if the target was standing completely still. the hug attack where you smother a player with bees must be executed at point blank range, on usually a stationary target to work successfuly. So basically it's very hard to get any kills. If you're a queen bee is exposed, remember that you can't control it, so you should use the main bees swarmed body, which is invincible to move in front of the queen bee so that your attacker can't hit it. On the plus side at least most players are intimidated by the bee swarm monster and tend to panic when it shows up, which leads to carelessness, and it could be as active if you had another person playing a monster on your team as well, to actually finish them off.

Regular zombies are probably the least fun creature to play as, since they moved incredibly slow, have awful range, and for some reason always spawn a ridiculous distance away from the humans are supposed be attacking, which makes it a tedious trek to get them of at least two minutes, only to be killed almost instantly because they control so badly. It doesn't help that zombies attack very slowly as well, it seems like it takes at least 7 seconds from when you've first initiated an attack for it to actually connect, is more than enough time for human player to shoot, or melee attack you. As you would expect zombies walk a very slowly, but they do run at a decent speed, the problem is that they cannot turn even a smidgen right or left while dashing. Instead you must come to a complete stop, and thence very slowly rotate in place in the desired direction, which leave you wide open to sniping, and then proceed to run again in the direction are now facing. Instinctively you want to run correctly at your target, but that will make you easy shot for the human player, so instead you want to purposely run past them by a wide margin, Hassinger line of sight. Then turn around at a snail's pace, and they run directly at them from behind, all the while hoping that they don't take one step to the left or right, or notice the sound of you charging at them or you'll be screwed. Honestly the only way you're getting a kill on a human player with a zombie as if they're complete idiot, or have abandoned their controler. Really the only effective zombies are ones that wield pipes as weapons. Throwing the pipe is useless, and should be considered a Hail Mary pass of attacks, as it has almost no chance of connecting, but if it hits will do considerable damage. Instead I recommend saddling up to the side of a human player with a decent 5 foot space between the two of you, so that they can use melee, and then swing your pipe very slowly, which will usually catch them off guard, especially from behind, and you might be able to then either flee, or get another quick hit in before being killed. As a fireman zombie people will often try to shoot the extinguisher on your back to blow you up, but you can actually use this to your advantage, by running into a human player's line of fire, causing the explosion to happen at point blank range, so it damaged them as well as killing you, sort of a suicide zombie bomber strategy if you will. One of the few highlights of playing as a zombie is that you get to explore areas of map that you otherwise couldn't access as a human player in the single player campaign, for example outside the gun shop, you can see the dead body of gghhg Ted fghhfh, who was killed by a BloodShot in the cut scene, but strangely his corpse is completely intact, pristine Even and the BloodShot is also missing.

I still need to play as the whopper fat zombie, the rock monster, gas firing javo, spider javo, flying javo and gun wielding javo.

Zombies usrakstki, submarine javo, bees swarm creatures
javo, zombie dog Cerberus, blood shot, streaker, gela monster
sound and graphics
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intro and wrap up
agent hunt, mercenaries mode co-op, mode predator unisink
I still need to play as

Siege mode

Siege mode is like a combination of both survivors and predator gametypes, only worse. Teams are split into two groups of three, one plays humans, while the other plays zombies or javos depending on the map selected. Unlike survivors mode, and human players who die can still respawn, and unlike predator mode you don't have to kill all human players to win. The objective of the human players is to keep the AI teammate who is a generic BSAA agent alive for two minutes, and then the players switch teams, and compete for another two minutes before the match ends. The AI controlled agent is generally pretty stupid and human players will really have that baby him, and escort him everywhere. He actually will even attack enemies or move anywhere on his own, in fact the only change position if you order him to follow you, woefully to a more defensible position. Annoyingly much like survivors mode, human players on very limited ammo for only one or two weapons, so outside of melee attacks, you'll probably only have enough resources to send off one or two attackers were running dry.  Two players of the enemy team will spawn as basic zombies or javo, footmen or cannon fodder if you will. While a third player will spawn as a more dangerous BOW that could be considered a mini boss. Generally though the exception of geela monsters, the more powerful a monster, the slower it moves. So the third player will need to help and support of the other two in order to stay alive, and take out the agent within two minutes. There'll also be two additional basic enemy troops controled by the AI, but they are generally of little use. If you're not confident in your teammates abilities, you can also try unlocking stronger BOWs hidden around the map, that when activated will only be controlled by the AI, but should do well in at least overwhelming your opponents. Before its release Siege mode was hyped as a kind of back and forth struggle warfare like gametype. However after playing it's clear that there are many design problems, particularly the very short two-minute round times that permit the mode from gaining any real intensity or fierce competitive play.

I still need to put more time into it though.

More about survivors mode

despite myself personally having the most fun with survivors mode, it actually seems the most polarizing gametype. I can see why most people won't enjoy free-for-all matches, they certainly encourage camping, running away, and general cheapness. The matches however are a lot more fun, especially player matches where you go you same people several times in a row. Usually what happens for me, is all join a match and lose the first three or four rounds, then I'll notice the other team strategy and adapt and then win the next five, until the host gets frustrated and leves. Then the process of couse starts all over again. What's important to remember about team games when you're enemies play style is, and what your allies tend to do. If your opponents always rush the RPG, then you should rush there as well with a shotgun or magmum and kill them before they can grab it. Then for extra showboating and street cred take it up yourself but don't use it, you just want to deny them their cheapness and easy kills. If you're teammate loves to rush and run ahead, Then you should escort them and when they inevitably run into trouble, kill their attacker first, and then revive your teammate, since it can revive the first you'll both be killed. Alternately when facing a team that works and sticks together, you're better off not facing them head on, so you should snipe them at a distance, or even use your teammate as bait to draw them out, or picking them off. If the opposing team is full of camping snipers, then your team should pick any corner principle area of the map, and wait there. Eventually the snipers will go out looking for you, and if you snipe them as they approach they'll have no defense for it. Lastly when facing a really good team, who you're not confident you can defeat head-on, down the weakest player on the team, but don't finish them off, use them as bait to lure out their teammates, and then use grenades or a remote bomb to ambush and take them all out. Also if you down an enemy player, and someone else on your team is a zombie nearby, you should let your allied zombie take them out, since then they'll return to the field as a human player again, and increase your likelihood of winning the match.



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