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Nintendo 64

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Name Front Cover Back Cover
A Bug's Life
Aidyn Chronicles The First Mage
Armorines Project S.W.A.R.M  
Army Men Air Combat  
Army Men Sarge's Heroes 2  
Army Men Sarge's Heroes
Automobili Lamborghini
Batman Beyond Return of the Joker
Beetle Adventure Racing
Blast Corps
Blues Brothers 2000
Body Harvest
California Speed
Castlevania 64
Castlevania Legacy of Darkness
ClayFighter 63 13
ClayFighter The Sculptor's Cut  
Conker's Bad Fur Day
Cruis'n Exotica
Cruis'n USA
Cruis'n World
Diddy Kong Racing
Donkey Kong 64
Doubutsu no Mori
Duck Dodgers Starring Daffy Duck
Earthworm Jim 3D  
Gauntlet Legends
Gex 3 Deep Cover Gecko
Gex 64 Enter the Gecko
GoldenEye 007
Harvest Moon 64
Hybrid Heaven
Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine
Jet Force Gemini
Kirby 64 The Crystal Shards
Lego Racers
Looney Tunes Taz Express  
Major League Baseball Featuring Ken Griffey, Jr.
Mario Golf
Mario Kart 64
Mario Party 2
Mario Party 3
Mario Party
Mario Tennis
Mega Man 64
Mickey's Speedway USA
Mischief Makers
Mission Impossible
Mortal Kombat 4
Mortal Kombat Mythologies Sub-Zero
Mortal Kombat Trilogy
Paper Mario
Perfect Dark
Pilotwings 64
Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
Rampage 2 Universal Tour
Rampage World Tour
Resident Evil 2
Rocket Robot on Wheels
Rush 2 Extreme Racing USA
San Francisco Rush 2049
San Francisco Rush Extreme Racing
Sin and Punishment Successor of the Earth
South Park
Space Station Silicon Valley
Star Fox 64
Star Wars Episode I Battle for Naboo
Star Wars Episode I Racer
Star Wars Rogue Squadron
Star Wars Shadows of the Empire
Super Mario 64
Super Mario 64 Rumble Pak Version
Super Smash Bros.
Superman 64
Tonic Trouble
Top Gear Overdrive
Top Gear Rally
Turok 2 Seeds of Evil
Turok 3 Shadow of Oblivion
Turok Dinosaur Hunter
Turok Rage Wars
Wave Race 64
WinBack Covert Operations
Yoshi's Story







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